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Under the Boardwalk….Boardwalk

Only have time for a quick post, but I wanted to mention that my husband and I have arrived at his parents’ oceanfront condo in Virginia Beach! We didn’t arrive until late so we snuggled up on the couch and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am looking forward to hitting up the boardwalk for a run tomorrow morning to check out the sights. We already familiarized ourselves with the nearby Whole Foods so we can get our vegan tastiness on if we need to.

Anyway, I have been up since 4am PST and I am dying for some sleep.
More updates soon!



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My first ever CrossFit experience


Today I ventured into my first ever CrossFit class, and what an experience it was.  For those who aren’t familiar with CrossFit, it’s basically a training regime that focuses on strength and conditioning without using cardio machines and other weight training machines.  The “workout of the day” (WOD) changes every day and features repetitions of a variety of movements including weightlifting, running, carrying heavy objects, jumping jacks, burpees, pullups, etc.  It’s based on high intensity interval training combined with survival skills and isn’t for the weak of spirit.  The thing that really draws me to it is how each maneuver can be done at the person’s own fitness level, everything can be modified to support the individual’s training plan, and the community feel and support of it all.  CrossFit is supposed to be something where everyone supports each other and cheers each other on.  The class sizes are small (less than 12) and a focus is given to performing each exercise correctly to protect the body.

Most CrossFit gyms (or ‘boxes’ as they’re called) offer one free class for anyone who is just starting out.  I went today and managed to rope my fiance and our friend into coming along.  We started out by doing a 200mm run to get our hearts pumping.  We then moved on to lifting a dumbell without any weights on it and learning how to lift properly.  We then learned the form for the kettlebell swing.   We were then ready to “begin the workout” (which made me laugh, because I was already sore and exhausted by this point!).  It basically was as many ’rounds’ as we could do in 15 minutes of the following: 4 lifts, 10 kettlebell swings, then a ‘suitcase carry’ where we had to carry the heavy kettlebell outside down the street and back.  Over and over until the 15 minutes was up.  I made it through 3 full rounds of this and I was exhausted.  I am sure that tomorrow I am going to be so sore from head to toe.

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I really enjoyed the experience.  Having a set time to go work out is fantastic.  The motivation of the group was great, the instructor was no-nonsense but really knew her stuff.  I felt the workouts in every muscle group.  The only downside is the price – it’s $200 for the first month and then $150/month after that.  Definitely more expensive than your normal 24 Hour Fitness!  But I think the price is worth it *if* I’ll stick with it (and that’s a big IF) so I’m going to try it.

I’m heading off to San Francisco for work for 4 days this week so I’m not going to sign up until I get back.  I have a feeling I’ll be sore from this all week anyway.

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Riding and Sliding 4/27/13

I had a fantastic riding lesson today that really opened my eyes on just how beneficial my new fitness program is going to be towards my riding.  Typically, I am out of breath and exhausted by the time I do a few loping circles but this time I finished my whole lesson without barely breaking a sweat.  I felt so much more strength in my legs and the ability to kick my lazy horse up into the bridle.  It was so great.  Rosie was a good girl and her trainers are doing so well with her.  She used to be really lazy and I’d struggle to keep her going, but now she’s much more athletic and learning to carry herself and move forward without being urged every single stride.  I love that while I’m at home working my butt off, she’s getting into shape as well! =)

We also had an amazing spin to the right. She kicked into a higher gear and it took me totally by surprise – I nearly spinned right out out of the saddle!  It was an awesome feeling.

photo (2)After my riding lesson, we walked 1.3 miles each way to a bakery to have our first ever wedding cake tasting!  It was so delicious and was definitely my cheat day of the weekend. Though it didn’t actually end up being that much cake, much to my fiance’s dismay.  Our favorite was probably the Chocolate Peanut Butter, but the White Velvet and Lemon Poppy were both incredible.  We have one more cake tasting before we have to make The Decision and it’s going to be a difficult choice I think!  I particularly am partial to Twiggs because it’s a locally owned and operated bakery by a gay couple and I love that.  But we’ll see what the next place has to offer us — after all they did win the Cupcake Wars show during season 3!